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Alois Arnegger - Austrian landscape painter, master of everyday genre, portraitist. He was born in Vienna and studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts there in the Vienna Academy of Arts from R. Ras and A. Aizenmenger, from 1916 - a member of the Vienna Academy, as well as the society of Albrecht Durer. He made an educational trip to Austria and the Swiss Alps.

At the beginning of his career, Arnegger focused on the image of Austrian scenes. He became known as a landscape painter. In the 1920s Arnegger visited Italy and was fascinated by its coastal views. Since then he has painted bright and colorful views of Capri, Lake Como and Naples. However, later Arnegger returned to Austria, where he returned to painting alpine landscapes with dramatic lighting.

Alpine villages in bloom, dense centuries-old forests, rushing mountain rivers. It seems that everyone draws the foothills of the Alps just like that, but Alois Arnegger has got completely alive pictures. Without any pink shepherdesses and glamorous cowherd boys. Therefore, the paintings are simply interesting to watch - there is no sense of the artificiality of plots. His son Gottfried Arnegger was also an artist.

Alois Arnegger died in Vienna in 1963.