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Rodolphe-Théophile Bosshard (1889–1960) is a Swiss artist who worked in Paris between the two world wars.

In 1910, he went to Paris with his friend, the artist Gustave Bouchet, and for the second time came to the capital of France in 1914. After living for four years in Montparnasse, he made many friends, including such famous masters as Marc Chagall, Ossip Zadkine, André Derain, Charles Despiau, Charles Dufresne, Jean Lurçat ... and the Swiss artists Cingria, Clément and Paul Budry.
Bosshard's nude paintings attracted the attention of critics, and made him a name. Then he returned home, but regularly exhibited in the French capital. Bosshard traveled to Italy, southern Greece, Algeria.

Beginning in his youth with the enthusiasm of Ferdinand Hodler and German expressionism, the artist came in the fifties almost to abstract art, but within his own style.

Bosshard died on September 17, 1960. He is buried in Chardonnay (Switzerland) in a small cemetery overlooking the lake.