We take the respect of the copyright of all artists very seriously and responsibly! Therefore, we publish only those artists whose paintings are no longer protected by copyright law. In other words, all the works of these artists are already in the public domain after the statutory period.

However, given that copyright protection laws may differ slightly in different countries, there may be a situation in which we may inadvertently violate the rights of an artist. In this case, we apologize in advance and we undertake immediately upon the first request to remove the paintings that violate the rights of such an artist.

But on the other hand, in our opinion the placement of paintings by artists in the public domain on this site and in the form of free e-books does not violate any rights, does not cause any damage to the authors and is intended only for informational and educational purposes.

However, we ask all users of this site, if you find any copyright infringement, to inform us about it here.