Henri Cross

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Henri Edmond Cross (Delacroix) is a French artist, one of the largest representatives of neo-impressionism. Born in 1856 in the town of Douai, located in the north of France. In 1865 the family moved to the city of Lille. The artist's talent was manifested early in the boy, and his father's cousin financed his training in drawing and painting from the artist Carolus-Durant. In 1875 Henri came to Paris and for some time studied at the Higher National School of Fine Arts. In 1878 he entered the Lille School of Design and Architecture and studied for three years under the guidance of professor of painting Alfons Cola. In 1881 Henri Delacroix returned to Paris and exhibited his paintings in the Salon. In order that he was not confused with Eugene Delacroix, he chose the pseudonym Cross.

The artist's early works - portraits and still lifes, were executed in a realistic manner with a predominance of dark colors. In 1883, Kross met with Claude Monet and Paul Signac, who had a great influence on the creative manner of the artist. In May 1884 Henri Cross took part in the first exhibition of Independent Artists, which in late June of the same year created the Society of Independent Artists. In 1891 Cross was elected his vice-president. By the time he became one of the leading artists of neo-impressionism. His canvases were bright, full of light and attracted attention by pictures. The first personal exhibition of Henri Edmond Cross was held in 1894 in the Paris gallery of Eugene Drueta, which featured 30 paintings and 30 watercolors of the painter. In 1896 the artist held his exhibitions in the galleries of Bing and Durand-Ruel, and later participated in the exhibitions of the "Secession" in Berlin and Dresden.

May 16, 1910 Henri Edmond Cross (Delacroix) died at the age of 55 in Saint Clair, where he was buried.

The name of this artist is mentioned in rows with the names of such grandees of painting as Georges Cera, Paul Signac. It can not be said that Cross paintings constantly participate in major auctions, and his name attracts a large number of buyers, but, for example, his painting "Vendanges" in 2005 was sold for almost 3 million pounds ($5,410,909).