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Edgar Degas is considered to be an Impressionist. Indeed, his ability to stop the moment of life on his canvases makes him similar to this direction in painting. His works seem to have been created spontaneously, lightning fast, but this is a deceptive impression. This is just what Degas was different from the Impressionists. If Claude Monet could create a picture in 10 minutes to stop the moment of the natural phenomenon, Degas worked only in the studio, carefully prepared and wrote one work for months. Spontaneity in the works of Degas is only imaginary and is the result of unusual and unconventional compositional decisions and effects.​

For example, his characters do not look at the viewer (with the exception of custom portraits), most often while in motion. They are busy with their own affairs, their thoughts. And Degas only observes them and captures one single shot from their lives. In this e-book there are a lot of the best Degas paintings. Each picture is of high quality. Download and enjoy!