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He was born on September 23, 1897 in Anthete (Liege Province, Belgium). He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels. In 1920-1924, Delvaux was influenced by Giorgio de Chirico and de Smet - the Flemish Expressionist with his special concept of a naked body and an atmosphere of silence and restraint.

The naked women on the canvases of Delvaux seem to expect the arrival of men who will lead them out of lethargy. Paul Delvaux in his paintings always emphasized the contrast of dressed and naked characters, strengthening the erotic component.

The artist Paul Delvaux came to surrealism after his impressionistic and expressionistic experiments and became especially popular in fashionable artistic circles after World War II, when surrealism was in the zenith of glory. In 1939 Delvaux visited Italy, the architecture of Ancient Rome made a deep impression. Surrealist artist Paul Delvaux is known for his ghostly images of the beautiful, often naked girls, usually located on a background of scrupulously drawn buildings.

Delvaux paintings are presented in the museums of Belgium, as well as in the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, in London (Tate Gallery), in Paris (Museum of Modern Art, Center Georges Pompidou).

In 1978 a foundation was established for the foundation of the personal museum of Paul Delvaux. which opened in 1982 in Saint-Idesbalde (province of West Flanders). In 1950-1962, Delvaux held the position of professor at the Brussels Academy arts.