Andre Derain

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Andre Derain was born on 10.06.1880 in Château-sur-Seine, France, died on 08/09/1954, Versailles. One of the first painters - Fauves, exhibited his work with Matisse at the Autumn Salon. The very concept of "Fauvism" also appeared just at the Autumn Salon of 1905.

Andre Derain was born in 1880 near Paris. His father was a pastry chef, and Andre himself from childhood gravitated toward painting.

He studied at an engineer at the Paris Academy Académie Camillo, and it was there that the young artist met Henri Matisse.
It should be said that by the time the art so captivated Derain, that by the age of 18 he simply knew "all possible reproductions of all possible masterpieces". In 1900, he began to paint his landscapes, and it was a heady time for a young artist full of strength and piously believed in his unrivaled talent.

His studies were interrupted - in 1901 Andre was called up for service in the army, and after that Matisse succeeded in persuading Andree's parents that he should study not as an engineer but as an artist, and they finally agreed. So he was at the Academy of Julian.

Enormous influence on Deren made an acquaintance with Pablo Picasso, and it was after that that the artist became more conservative with color, and in his paintings appeared some restraint. In general, it was during this period that Deren came very close to the manner of the early Cubists. Paul Cezanne was made on Andre no less impression.

In the 1920s Derain took a very significant place in the camp of neo-classical artists, and it was then that his paintings first appeared figures of people with clearly traced outlines and lines. In general, Derain began writing in the years of the First World War, when he created his famous canvas "The Last Supper of Jesus" (1911).