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An amazing feature of European painting of the late XIX - early XX century - women depicted in paintings, are more like mirages, something ephemeral and completely unreal. And let it be secular lionesses or ladies from bohemia, they are united by one - some strange beauty, sometimes even exaggerated. The French artist Jean-Gabriel Domergue has entered the history of painting as the inventor of just such a new type of women: thin, airy, elegant, always stylish, with extraordinary elongated necks. with amazing slanting eyes that look at the world with surprise. These women are somewhat similar to cats, perhaps because they create the feeling that they are walking and living by themselves, that they are free from the world and its conventions?

Domergue's women, Nude, semi-Nude, or dressed nicely, are very attractive. It was Domergue who showed the world the true French woman - elegance, flirtatious beauty, the embodiment of French charm...