Paul Fischer

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Paul-Gustave Fischer, (1860 - 1934) - Danish figurative and genre painter

Paul Fisсher was born in Copenhagen in a family of Polish Jews, and became the representative of the fourth generation of this family, who moved from Poland to live in Denmark. Paul began to draw at an early age, and his first teacher was naturally his father.

Fischer received his official art education at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen. Fisсher gained fame and began to earn the reputation of an intelligent painter after 1882, when his illustrations were published in the magazine Guests and House (Ude og Hjemme). The artist met with the circle of young Danish naturalists, who appreciated his early paintings of urban life. Fisсher happily acquainted with the work of neighbors, artists of Norway and Sweden.

The first success came to him when he created a cycle of works reflecting urban life. The rich palette of these works was distinguished by light colors and the public liked not only Copenhagen. He works a lot, participates in exhibitions in Norway, Sweden. Three years spent in Paris, traveled and worked in Germany, Italy.

The peak of Fisсher’s popularity came at the end of the 1890s - the beginning of the 1910s. Historians, however, clarify that during his lifetime the artist did not achieve the recognition of critics and colleagues, and the measure of his popularity and fame was that Fisсher's paintings sold very well.

It was all the more pleasant and honorable for Fischer when, after the dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian Union in 1905, when Sweden recognized the independence of Norway and restored its independence, the new Norwegian king Haakon VII commissioned Fisher to be an artist-chronicler of this solemn historical developments.

Paul Fisсher died on May 1, 1934 in the town of Gentofte in the North-Eastern part of the island of Zealand, at the age of 74 years.