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Sir William Russell Flint was born in Edinburgh in 1880. Sir William Russell Flint is the son of the artist and illustrator Francis Wighton Flint. He received training at the Royal School of Art in Edinburgh and served six years as a disciple of a lithographer and designer. At the age of 20, he moved to London to work as a medical illustrator. Three years later, William Russell Flint began working as an illustrator for Illustrated London News. His work quickly gained recognition throughout the UK.
In 1912, Sir William Russell Flint moved to Italy, but his idyllic life as a free artist was interrupted by the outbreak of the First World War. He joined the Air Force of the Royal Navy. After the war, Flint went to France and Spain. It was during this period that his works were widely recognized and in 1924 he was elected a corresponding member of the Royal Academy, becoming a full member in 1933. In 1936 he was elected president of the Royal Society of Artists in watercolors. 
In 1947, William Russell Flint returned to London and was knighted. The Royal Academy held a retrospective exhibition of his works in 1962. Sir William Russell Flint continued to paint until his death on December 30, 1969 at the age of 89 years.