Albert Guillaume

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Albert Guillaume (February 14, 1873 - August 10, 1942,) - French artist, cartoonist, illustrator. The master of a modern poster. He is famous for his posters of French life.

The influence on his work was rendered by Jules Shere, who stood at the origins of a modern poster, often called the "father of a modern poster". His works are valuable, primarily as an illustration of the life of the French during the Beautiful Age, the golden age in Europe, which lasted from the end of the XIX century to the First World War.

He created a number of theatrical posters, advertising posters and shields.

He also gained popularity thanks to satirical drawings and cartoons published in Parisian humor magazines such as Le Figaro Illustré, Gil Blas, Le Rire, L'Assiette au Beurre, etc. As a result of the publication of these magazines, Parisians began to acquire an increased propensity for art, culture and politics.

In his works, Guillaume ridiculed the weaknesses and shortcomings of French society, corruption and abuse.
Today the posters of Albert Guillaume remain popular, especially as decorations for restaurants and bars.