Childe Hassam

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Frederick Childe Hassam (1859-1935) was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His creative career began in his childhood with visiting drawing lessons. In November 1872, the business of Hassam's father suffered considerable damage. Childe dropped out of school to help his family, and got a job at the accounting department of the publishing house Little, Brown & Company. He had absolutely no inclination to work with figures, and, seeing this, his father helped him find another job: he became a woodcutter's pupil. He quickly showed his abilities as an artist and soon he was developing a design for commercial letterheads and newspapers. About 1879 Hassam began to create his first oil paintings, but his favorite means was watercolor.

His paintings were sold well, but against the background of the general economic recession of 1896, Childe Hassam decides to return to Europe. He visited Naples, Rome, Florence, France and England, where he spent a lot of time in galleries and churches studying the works of old masters. A characteristic feature of his works of this period was the use of a light, light palette.

Hassam never made a living by drawing lessons, but only by selling his paintings. Impressionism has not been recognized in the United States for a long time, but active artists like Hassam could legalize impressionism in the American art community, and his paintings began to be sold in major museums. In 1906, Childe Hassam was elected academician of the National Academy of Design.

In the postwar period in the 1920s. The rise of the art market began, and Hassam's paintings began to appreciate. Art throughout the world became modernistic, and many critics considered his work to be repetitive. The artist himself decisively condemned the current trends in art and those critics who supported them, so as not to remain out of work. Childe Hassam was forgotten until 1960, when interest in the American impressionists was revived. Until 1970, the prices of his paintings reached their highest point and are still in demand.

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