Louis Icart

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Louis Icart) - (1880-1950) - French artist and illustrator. He portrayed almost exclusively young and beautiful women in various entourage, often surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, birds. His erotic works, written in oil, are made in the style of late impressionism. However, most of Icart's creative heritage consists of watercolors and graphic works that refer to the direction of Art Deco. A kind of glamor themes and stories allows you to consider Icarus as one of the obvious pioneers of the Pin Up style.

In France at that time, engravings with pictures of beautiful women became very popular; the pioneers of this fashion were Paul-César Helleu and Manuel Robbe. The combination of ideas about fashion, an obvious love for beautiful women and an understanding of the commercial success of their work allowed Louis Icart to become one of the most famous artists of his time. His outstanding erotic paintings and drawings will certainly bring great pleasure to the reader.