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«I remember one day when I visited him, he told me in a mysterious whisper that he had long been writing the Devil. "All my sketches are collected upstairs" ... His eyes sparkled at this moment with a strange brilliance ... "You understand ..." said Kalmakov, "I have been catching it for so long (ie, the devil) and I can not catch it ... Sometimes it will flash before me is his eye ... sometimes the tail ... sometimes the hoof of his legs ... but entirely I have not yet seen him, no matter how I guard and do not catch. But I did a hundred sketches ... do you want to show it? "And indeed, in the dusty attic of his strange house, he showed me then infinitely diverse, eerie and fantastic sketches of the eyes, tail, set of legs, and was convinced deeply that he had seen it all ...»

This book contains 70 best high quality masterpieces of Nikolai Kalmakov.