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His manner of writing landscapes is reminiscent of Marc Chagall, but his masterful depiction of the female body, surreal nu, and portraits brought Kisling wide recognition. The most famous of the representatives of the Paris school was Modigliani, Kisling was his closest friend and partly felt the influence of his painting. Close to him on the mood are the works of Kisling in the early twenties.
But if his comrades, as, for example, Soutine, features expressionism manifested in almost grotesque sharpness of the images, then they get a lyrical, poetic interpretation of Kisling. His penchant for a certain idealization of the model later helped him to consolidate in the role of a fashionable portraitist writing secular ladies and actresses.
He always worked hard. Unlike other artists, his working day was strictly regulated - he started at 9 am, when they came to pose models, he was interrupted for lunch, which he shared with friends in the Rotunda, the House or the Dome, then again, in the evening again meeting with friends, now during dinner.