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Gustav Klimt (German Gustav Klimt) (July 14, 1862, Baumgarten - February 6, 1918, Vienna) - an Austrian artist, the founder of modernism in Austrian painting. The main subject of his painting was a woman's body, and most of his works are distinguished by frank eroticism.

The main characters of his paintings are mostly women, and in the works themselves such universal themes as death, old age and love are touched on, conveyed by bright colors and golden gammas with smooth transitions, which gives individuality to his creativity.

Gustav Klimt - the finest, amazing colorist. Immediately it is worth mentioning: all those souvenir tourist products, where you can see the faded kitsch variations, all the works "in the style of Klimt" and "under Klimt", the whole spectrum of reproductions does not give any idea of ​​the luminous gift of the artist. In his best works, Klimt is close to symbolism, and "to read" characters in the space of a picture is often helped by the share of eroticism, a very subtle erotic literally spilled over the canvas and more likely to be perceived than the visible.

This book contains more than 100 best high quality masterpieces of the great Master and also his biography. All this will give you real pleasure!