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The artistic world of the works of Toulouse-Lautrec (French impressionist), closed, close, crowded, noisy, cynical, sad and passionate, is recognized unmistakably. Montmartre stars, singers of street songs, cabaret dancers, clowns, circus performers, prostitutes, seamstresses, laundresses, reds and whites.Toulouse-Lautrec, influenced by Japanese engraving, is fond of lithography - and creates advertising posters for entertainment institutions, for the first time in Western history, bringing this genre to the level of a work of art. Artists for whom Lautrec drew and printed posters, woke up famous after night posters in Paris.This ebook contains the most famous impressionism paintings of the artist. All pictures have titles, year of creation and high quality. This ebook with Lautrec’s painting will give you great pleasure! Download and enjoy!