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Features of the work of Franz Marc: the artist has written animals all his life, considering them to be higher beings and trying to find in their life a special feeling inside nature, lost by a modern person. Marc did not observe the animals from the side, and looked at the world with their eyes. The painting of Franz Marc characterized by sharp color transitions, bright, clean palette, intense, sharp forms, often cubistic - in later paintings.

Franz Moritz Wilhelm Marc has always been a dreamer who loved horses and talked with his dog. As a child he dreamed about the work of a village priest, in his youth - about marriage out of pity, towards the end of his short life - about the purification of the world by war. None of these fantasies came true - a completely different fate was waiting for Franz Marc and it did not want to know anything about his crazy dreams.

It is impossible to guess now what impressions or events occurred during the passage of Franz Marc's military service, but after it he returned back with an absolutely firm decision to abandon philosophy and to start painting. By the time of the meeting with Vasily Kandinsky in 1911, Franz Marc had already found out everything about himself: his reference book was "The Life of Animals" by Brem, favorite place for exercises in the drawing - the zoo, the main source in the study of nature - exhibits of the zoological museum, and each color on the its palette has acquired its own character and meaning.

No matter how many horses, roe deer and dogs Marc has written, no intelligent art critic called him an "animal painter" - an 
animal image for the artist becomes a new dream, an attempt to look at the world through the eyes of the beast. Franz Marc is not the only young sincere German who went to fight in the First World for the idea of a global renewal and purification of 
Europe. For example, another artist, 27-years old August Macke, died in battle and lost all arguments in favor of war by his death.
The German government in 1916 prepared a list of important artists for the country, which should be exempted from military service. Franz Marc was on the list, but did not find out about it. Like in a classic movie, where the fact of death itself is not enough for the hero's spectacular departure, Marc died a few days before the order was taken to the front. He was killed in the battle of Verdun - one of the bloodiest in the history of the First world war.