Henri Matisse eBook

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Henri Matisse is an outstanding French artist, the leader of the current of the Fauvists - is known for his masterful transfer in the color of exquisite emotions and feelings. The world of Matisse is a world of dances and pastors, beautiful vases, juicy fruits, greenhouse plants, carpets and variegated fabrics, bronze figurines and endless landscapes.

His style is distinguished by the flexibility of lines, sometimes intermittent, then rounded, conveying a variety of silhouettes and outlines, moods and motifs. Refined artistic means, coloristic harmonies, combining bright contrasting consonances, seem to call the contemplator of these works to enjoy the sensual beauty of the world. Matisse is one of the continuers of the impressionism style.

There are about 250 best works of the artist in this electronic book. All of them are of high quality and allow the user to view all the details of each picture. This book consist of 6 chapters: Biography, Nature and Genre Scenes, Still Lives, Portraits, Nudes, Abstractions. We are sure that this e-book will give real pleasure to all the lovers of good painting.