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Claude Monet is the acknowledged "father" of Impressionism style. His great paintings served as a model for many artists of France and the whole world. French artist, one of the founders of impressionism, he went a long way from persecution, ridicule and poverty to world recognition. The name of the painting by Claude Monet "Impression. Sunrise ", invented literally on the eve of the opening of the First Impressionist Exhibition, was the occasion for devastating reviews, but gave the name to the whole stream in painting, literature and music of the late XIX century.

This ebook contains 125 pages and quantity (more than 250) of the best Claude Monet’s masterpieces that give representation about the artist’s style and creation. Ebook also contains the detailed biography of the artist. Each picture has the name and the year of creation. ebook is intended for those who want to be informed about one of the great World impressionists. All pictures are of high quality and can be enlarged to full screen size.​ It is just the first ebook in the series of ebooks dedicated to the best world artists-impressionists.