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This set of eBooks is designed to make it possible for all art lovers to get acquainted with the works of many well-known and little known, old and modern, great and not so great, but indisputably talented artists of the World without any difficulty and tedious wanderings on the Net. We try to present only those artists whose pictures, in our opinion, are of interest to art lovers.

To all lovers of high art we offer unique eBooks set dedicated to the masterpieces of world painting. Each eBook in this set is created in the PDF format and contains pictures of famous artists specially selected for this purpose. Each book represents a specific artist whose name entered the history of fine art. Each eBook contains paintings by famous artists in high quality.

Pictures of famous artists at your home in your computer, tablet or smartphone! Electronic painting books - your Home Virtual Museum!

If you download all of our current and future eBooks with pictures of great artists presented in our web page https://www.art7u.com/all-books then in your house a real Home Virtual Museum of masterpieces of world painting appears. The most famous artists,  created the great pictures, will long delight you and your family with their unsurpassed creations. What can be better and more pleasant than sitting at home with a cup of tea, open  eBooks of a favorite artist and enjoy his manner of writing, realism or mystery of subjects, plunge into his life and the pains of creativity, notice all the details of his pictures!

Your wonderful children will be distracted from questionable street classes and endless computer games and, perhaps, interested in the pictures of great artists and their authors. The paintings of famous artists and our art eBooks will help develop aesthetic taste in your children, which can be very useful in their future adulthood. And who knows, maybe one of them will also become a wonderful artist and will present the world with a lot of great pictures!

Our eBooks on paintings by famous artists will allow you not to spend money on buying expensive paper books and paper art albums! A huge number of the best paintings of famous artists will be in your desktop or tablet computer in the form of specially designed electronic books - your personal Home Virtual Museum!


Our Home Virtual Museum currently contains ALL eBooks presented in our web page https://www.art7u.com/all-books with famous artists and with thousands of their paintings. However we are constantly adding more and more new artists with their magnificent paintings. In this case, you do not need to pay extra for it - all you need is just to free update your kit through the Internet and new artists will immediately appear in your Virtual Museum.


You pay only once and get lifelong and unlimited access to all current and future e-books that we add to the site again and again!