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Edgard Tytgat; (1879, Brussels - 1957, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert) - Belgian expressionist painter, watercolorist, illustrator,
engraver and writer.

Tytgat spent his childhoodin in the city of Bruges, and in 1888 the family moved to the capital, where in the studio of his father, engraver and lithographer, Edgard began to study drawing and at the same time worked with his father, studying the technique of lithography. The success in painting was impressive therefore two years later, Edgard easily entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Tytgat became interested in the technique of impressionism.

During the First World War, Tytgat fled from Belgium to England, where he lived for almost six years as a refugee. He went to England with his wife Maria, who was a model for many of the paintings painted by Tytgat.

In 1920, Tytgat returned to his homeland, first he and his wife settled in Brussels, but in 1923 he moved to permanent residence in the small town of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, where he lived for the rest of his life. After returning home, Tytgat began to develop his own style, which made him famous. The artist tried to combine the trends of expressionism with naive art. The main themes of the paintings were domestic scenes, children's portraits, fairs and parades with merry-go-rounds, circus and theatrical performances, nude women and landscapes.

Many of Tytgat's works are frankly erotic in content, moreover, in a late period with an immoral plot, although there is nothing extravagant in his biography, he lived in a seemingly quiet family, creative life in a small provincial town.