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French painter of the Art Nouveau style, master of the urban landscape Maurice Utrillo was born on December 25, 1883 in the Parisian district of Montmartre. The artist's mother, Marie-Clementine Valadon, was a well-known professional model (with whom Auguste Renoir, Pier Puvi de Chavannes, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and others worked), and then the artist (under the name Susanna Valadon). Her bold, confident sketches delighted Edgar Degas, and, having mastered the technique of soft lacquer under his guidance, she began painting in an intense colorful scale reminiscent of the works of the Fauves.

In 1902, after another episode of alcoholism and drug addiction, from which Utrillo suffered all his life, Valadon persuaded his son to paint, and he immediately discovered remarkable abilities. Maurice did not receive a systematic artistic education, something prompted his mother, something he spied on the artists who worked in Montmartre. As a result, Maurice Utrillo began to paint urban landscapes, which the simple Parisian public liked, but for a long time remained unrecognized among art critics and critics. In the manner of Utrillo, you can find the features of primitivism, post-impressionism.

This is another book in the Impressionism series in which the wonderful works of the undeservedly forgotten artist Maurice Utrillo are shown. There are more than 100 pictures of famous master in this ebook. These pictures will undoubtedly bring great pleasure to any viewer!

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