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Remedios Varo Uranga was born in 1908 in the small town of Angles in Spain. The first creative attempts of Remedios date back to 1923, when she studied at the school of arts and crafts (something like a lyceum with a bias in art). Like many novice
artists, she began her way by drawing portraits of the family and self-portraits.
In 1924, Remedios Varo entered the Academy of Fine Arts in San Fernando. In 1930, Varo successfully finishes the academy and in the same year meets her first husband Gerardo Lizzaraga - a young artist. The couple periodically runs back and forth from Spain to France and back. In France, Varo is expected to fall under the influence of the surrealist hangouts in Paris (Breton and others like them). In 1935, Varo officially becomes part of the surrealist movement.
She is forced to leave Paris, along with the rest of the Spanish refugees, to Mexico. Despite her involvement in the surrealist
movement, Varo's creative career did not develop very much in Paris. Partly because of the fact that no one seriously took the women of the Surrealists seriously. This allowed Varo to focus on painting and soon to organize her first solo exhibition in Mexico.

In 1963, at the peak of her career, Remedios Varo Uranga dies of a heart attack. So suddenly this bright woman's life ended. Varo had time to become famous in Mexico, but world fame to it so plainly and did not come. Unlike many surrealists with their insane distortions of forms (like Salvador Dali, for example), Remedios Varo's paintings look much more elegant and tender. Her work is associated more with magical realism than with classical surrealism, with its halfbred allusions and the "dictatorship of the subconscious."