How to shoot a hand and become a great artist

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Marianne von Werefkin was born in Tula (Russia) in 1860. Marianne’s father often moved as a result of military service. When they lived in Moscow, an aspiring artist took lessons from Illarion Pryashnikov. And when her father was appointed commandant of the Peter and Paul Fortress, Marianne continued her studies in the workshop of Ilya Repin.

In 1888 Marianne, on a hunt, accidentally shot her right arm. But she did not stop painting. She worked with her left hand. The course of treatment took place in Germany, which enabled Marianne to see the paintings of Western Europe in Dresden, Berlin, and Munich. Alexey Yavlensky, a young artist whom she met in the workshop of Repin, became a friend and creative collaborator of Marianne. He became her lover.

10 years Marianne Werefkin did not write pictures. She believed in the talent of A.Yavlensky and developed a theory that a man should be engaged in creativity, and a woman should be taught.

But in 1906 Marianne started working. Now her paintings were completely different. The writing technique has changed. Marianne began to use slate pencil and mascara. In 1909 with the participation of Marianne Werefkin, the “New Society of Artists” was created in Munich. The society was headed by Vasily Kandinsky.

When World War I began, Werefkin and Yavlensky emigrated to Switzerland. Here, for the first time, Marianna took part in ballet production at the Lugano Theater.

In Switzerland Marianne Werefkin lived the rest of her life. She broke up with Yavlensky in 1921. Marianne devoted herself entirely to creativity. She created an association of artists "Big Bear". It includes artists who lived in Ascona. She organized the Museum of Modern Art. She was assisted by artists who, at the request of Marianne, put out one painting at a time.

In recent years Werefkin often sick. Pictures were bought poorly, and she no longer received her father’s pension. But fate brought her to Carmen and Diego Hagman. In 1937 Marianne’s friends took her paintings from Munich, as she was on the list of “disagreeables”.

Marianne Werefkin died in 1938. All Ascona followed her on her last journey, paying tribute to this amazing woman.