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Rafael Zabaleta was born on November 6, 1907 in Quesada (Andalusia, Spain) in a wealthy family. In 1925 he came to Madrid and studied at the Higher School of Fine Arts of San Fernando. During the Civil War, 1936-39 was imprisoned in a concentration camp.
Then comes to Paris, where he meets Pablo Picasso and other major Spanish artists of that time living in France. In 1960 at the XXX Venice Biennale in the Spanish pavilion presented a series of 16 paintings and 10 drawings. Preferred to write nude women and erotic scenes.
June 24, 1960 died of a heart attack in his hometown Quesada. Today, his paintings are kept in the most prestigious museums in the world in New York, Tokyo, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and others.
Died in 1960.